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Modern design office specializing in the implementation of BIM methodology in hydraulic engineering

Digital Twin model
and information management system
for water engineering construction projects

Digital Twin - virtual model, REAL advantages

3D Central Model, to integrate project with all data sources

State of the Art 3D sophisticated digital model. Tailor-made, multi - source data integration (GIS, LiDAR, meteo, etc.) Quantification from wide perspective into detail. Data collection from cradle to grave

information management re-defined with BIM

Accelerate coordination and communication. Inspire quality information production. Deliver information on time. Achieve effective decision making Keep up-to-date audit trails/record

All Data you need on your fingertips!

Easy data access through Central Model data panel. Intuitive operation and control based on WWW philosophy. Tailor made data management. Event, task, issue, alert, etc. creation and reporting.

With BIM we create solutions for hydraulic engineering

BIM wał wisły

GIS and BIM data integration

inżynier kontraktu

BIM solution for construction site

drony w budownictwie lidar 3d

LiDAR and photogrametry data integration

Our Digital Twin model allows us to indicate and eliminate potential clashes just in early stages of project. It helps to avoid costly project changes during construction.

Better workflow organisation, accuracy of work, saving time and resources, carbon footprint reduction, efficient work, acceptance and reporting is the dream of every Contract Director.

LiDAR scanning and point cloud data integration shorten the time of surveying work from months to days. Digital data is incomparably more accurate and more extensive than traditionally obtained.

Find out, how thanks to the implementation of technologies such as BIM, LIDAR, autonomous construction machines, you can achieve a competitive advantage and financial savings. HydroBIM has unique competences that allow for the integration of these technologies at the stage of design, implementation and settlement of the contract. Contact Tomasz Rajpold and find out how your company can gain additional margin percentages on the contract.

Tomasz Rajpold

CEO, Chairman and Founder of HydroBIM Sp. z o.o.(LTD).

  • Hydraulic Engineer, BIM Manager, promoter and supporter of the BIM technology in hydraulic engineering
  • Active member of BIM industry associations in Poland and abroad
  • A supporter and practitioner of agile project management methods – SCRUM

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HydroBIM actively support the BIM assotiations:

We support the popularization of BIM technology in construction, in particular in hydraulic engineering. 

We operate within the structures of the leading Polish industry organizations.

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