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CEO of HydroBIM – Tomasz Rajpold

tomasz rajpold CEO of HydroBIM

Tomasz Rajpold is a graduate of the Cracow University of Technology, with a degree in hydraulic engineering. He is an ardent advocate of digitisation in construction and, in particular, in hydraulic infrastructure projects. He is the founder and CEO of HydroBIM sp. z o.o., an innovative team of engineers and designers specialising in the application of BIM methodology in hydraulic engineering. He is a practitioner. He uses digital technologies and BIM methodology in the daily work of HydroBIM and successfully implements them for clients.

Tomasz Rajpold, BIM Manager

CEO of HydroBIM is a double graduate in BIM-related postgraduate programmes. He has obtained the BIM Manager certificate. He is eager to share his knowledge and experience in implementing BIM methodology in hydraulic engineering projects and investments. He is a guest lecturer at the BIM postgraduate course at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Rajpold is an expert in the Autodesk family of BIM software. In his work, Tomasz uses agile project management skills in the SCRUM methodology.

He is an active member of industry organisations BIM Association, BIM Cluster, ECCBIM, supporting the development and popularisation of BIM methodology in the construction industry. He is invited as a BIM expert in infrastructure to seminars and webinars.

Rajpold is one of Poland’s few specialists in the design of modern, semi-natural fish ladders.

“Hydroenergetyka Wodna” (Hydropower) Quarterly has published an interview with Tomasz Rajpold and his article in which he explains from a practical point of view what BIM methodology is and the benefits of using it.

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