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Modern design office specializing in the implementation of BIM methodology in hydraulic engineering

Design Office, BIM, Digital Twin, Supervision

HydroBIM is a modern, multi-disciplinary design office, bringing together water construction engineers, road designers, BIM modelers, analytics, GIS, LiDAR and photogrammetry specialists. Our specialty is the application of BIM methodology to hydraulic engineering. 

For details of our offering, scroll through the page or select HydroBIM’s area of expertise from the list below:

Hydro-engineering projects

biuro projektowe HydroBIM
  • Design and consultancy for hydraulic engineering structures
  • Conceptual design, variants, 3D simulations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Revitalization and naturalization / fish ladders
  • Documentation and applications for building permits
  • Prevention of flooding and drought effects
  • Storage reservoirs and small retention systems
  • Flood barriers
  • Hydrological analyses
  • Inventories of hydrological and drainage facilities using 3D scanning

Digital Twin for infrastructure

digital twin port
  • Design and implementation of building information management systems
  • Asset inventory using 3D scanning
  • Processing of analog plans and drawings into digital form
  • Design and implementation of a central digital data repository (CDE)
  • Integration of external data in the central model
  • Tailor-made user interface based on the 3D model and individual object cards
  • Support for infrastructure operation management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Crisis management support
  • Simulations and predictions

Project supervision

bim manager
  • Investor and designer supervision
  • Checking the compliance of the execution with the design, regulations and principles of construction knowledge
  • Checking the quality of works and materials
  • Acceptance of construction work, participation in tests and technical inspections
  • Participation in commissioning of finished facilities
  • Verification of actual works and removal of defects
  • BIM support for the Contract Engineer
  • Optimisation of construction processes using 3D simulations
  • Inspections using drone scanning
  • Optimisation of logistical processes
  •  Virtual construction councils

Selected HydroBIM projects

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Ujście Koprzywianki do Wisły w Sandomierzu

Flood protection in Sandomierz

We were commissioned by AECOM to develop a corresponding project for the construction of the Sandomierz levee.

digital twin

Digital Twin of the Port of Gdynia

An innovative project for an digital information management system aspiring to BIM Level 3. Commissioned by the Gdynia Port Authority.

zbiornik szalejów

Flood control reservoirs of the Kłodzko Basin

On behalf of SVECO, we carried out design supervision and development of a modification project for the construction of the Szalejów and Krosnowice reservoirs.

We implement BIM and modern technologies in hydraulic engineering

HydroBIM design office specialises in the development of state-of-the-art hydraulic engineering projects. We use digital technologies and the latest software, including Autodesk Construction Cloud:

Civil 3D
BIM 360

We deliver projects of the highest quality through the use of BIM methodology 

Right from the design stage, we eliminate collisions and risks that can delay or increase the cost of the project. 

We create a virtual, three-dimensional model of the building that is integrated with GIS data. This allows us to:

  • better understand the project assumptions,
  • improve public consultations
  • support information and PR activities,
  • track project implementation stages

HydroBIM is the digital engineering of the Industry 4.0 era

Outsourcing of BIM project teams

karty nadzoru autorskiego

Thanks to modern project management methods (SCRUM) knowledge and experience, the designers and work teams of the HydroBIM Design Office are able to join the client’s teams in no time at all.

As a result, HydroBIM’s clients do not waste time recruiting and deploying specialists that are rare on the market. The B2B contract provides transparent terms and conditions for the customer and reduces costs.

Ready-to-go teams of BIM and hydrology specialists supporting the

  • Public investor
  • Substitute investor
  • General contractor

3D visualisations and virtual simulations

wizualizacje 3d

Hydro engineering affects the environment and infrastructure on a macro scale. Thanks to BIM modelling and the 3D visualisations produced by the HydroBIM Design Office, it is possible to show how the implemented project will affect changes to the infrastructure, landscape and environment. This significantly reduces the time needed for public consultation and dispels doubts. The use of BIM modelling in hydro engineering makes it possible to create attractive 3D presentations for the media, financial institutions and environmental organisations.

Public consultation
Presentation of alternatives on a BIM 3D model
Environmental analyses
Reports to the World Bank

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