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Modern design office specializing in the implementation of BIM methodology in hydraulic engineering

About HydroBIM

HydroBIM (Ltd.), founded in 2019, is a modern project office specializing in hydro-technical engineering. The company focuses on the digitization of hydro-engineering construction by implementing BIM methodology and digital technologies to manage project information during the development, execution and operation phases. 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the methodology of conducting a construction project based on the efficient use of information. The purpose of using the BIM methodology is to increase the efficiency and quality of the investment process and reduce operating costs by using the “digital twin” as a complete database of the construction object. 

The data are collected and used at every stage of the object’s life: from conception, through design, construction, operation and possible reconstruction up to demolition. The BIM methodology includes an indication of the scope of data used throughout the entire object life cycle and a description of processes and methods of collecting, storing or sharing this data with particular emphasis on standardization of information. 

BIM is the modern digital alternative for information processes based on paper documentation and enables effective cooperation of all participants of the investment process during the design and implementation stage. The effect of using BIM should be the reduction of construction and operation costs of building objects. “Digital twin” is most often a 3D model of the construction object containing all necessary data at a particular stage of the investment or references to them. 

HydroBIM company provides services in the field of: 

  • parametric design in hydrotechnical engineering using BIM methodology,
  • creation of digital BIM models,
  • integration of various data sources and formats into a digital model,
  • digitization of project and operational documentation,
  • hydrologic analyses,
  • 3D visualization and simulation,
  • creation of information management systems. 

The company supports the popularization of BIM technology in the construction industry, particularly in hydro-technical engineering. 

BIM and Digital Design Solutions

BIM and digital design for water engineering projects

BIM is gaining popularity in modern design. Investors and general contractors are beginning to see the benefits of using an integrated building information management system. The saving of time and money is visible at every stage of the investment life cycle. Especially in the exploitation process, where you can appreciate the quality of information gathered thanks to BIM.
At HydroBIM, we focus on providing the highest level of BIM services in water engineering. We work in an agile methodology, which allows us to easily integrate our work with external teams.

If you are looking for support in BIM-based processes, please contact us.

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