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Flood protection in Sandomierz

wał opaskowy

Project description

Extension of the levee protecting the Sandomierz Glass Factory and a housing estate in town against flood waters, together with the extension of the flood protection embankment of the Vistula River from Lwowska Street to the connection with the Koćmierzów embankment.

The task includes the modernisation of the existing banded dike, approx. 3,000 m long, surrounding a housing estate, construction work to seal the dike in the form of an anti-filtration screen and to raise and protect the crest with a reinforced concrete wall and steel sheet piling, together with mobile passages.

Modernisation of a 500 m long section of the Vistula embankment including a service road and sealing of the base and body of the embankment, as well as the construction of a floodgate on the harbour channel.

HydroBIM is carrying out design supervision. We have used GIS data integration and BIM methodology for the design work.

Visualization prepared by the HydroBIM Team

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